Biographical Info:

Favorite Color: Black because it contains all the colors, because it is receptive to all wave lengths of light, it doesnt push away

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper Im a Dr. Pepper fiend

Favorite Food: Pizza (chicken and spinach, or pineapple and ham)

Favorite Past-time: Role-playing games, computer games, films

Musical Influences: DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Gus Gus, Martin Tillman, Sasha

Tools: Reason, Cubase, Zero G and East West / Quantum Leap libraries, Sound Forge, CD Architect, Macromedia Studio, Photoshop, mind, heart, soul

Why I make music: Because I have to. Its a need that builds up inside and threatens to burst me if I dont let it out in small doses. It reconnects me to myself, to the universe, to my Creator. It brings me peace, and brings my friends and family joy. Because you all seem to like it. Because I enjoy exploring the spiritual landscapes of my soul and finding ways to illustrate those inner journeys with sound and rhythm.

Beliefs: I believe that there is One God, that all the world religions come from that same Source, that Science and Religion must harmonize, that all people on the planet belong to the same family both in spirit and in material fact, that women and men are equal, that true economic justice will be established by adhering to spiritual principles not by materialistic theories and policies, that all manmade institutions and belief systems are being torn apart to make room for a new Truth, a new way of life that will uplift, ennoble, and safeguard all people, that will unify our material and spiritual realities, and that will uplift humanity to its fullest potential the true unification of planet earth in a way that safeguards its diversity as a fundamental requirement of true unity.